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Société turque, Fabricants Turquie

Stainless steel industrial kitchenware such as work benches, refrigerators, freezers, fry tops, fryers, coffee and tea machines, cutlery, refrigerated counters, dish washers, cookers, ovens? laundry equipment such as washerextractors, dryers
abs rear wall inner coating, car interior design, exterior trim parts manufacture, seedling production vessel 45 well, seedling production vessels produce, interior trim from turkey, truck interior flooring parts, sliding door slide, midibus upholstery parts, minibus ceiling, auto interior trim, bus interior flooring parts, automobile upholstery, plastic interior parts, plastic mold producers from turkey, kinds of separator, tractor seat trim, tractor inner coating parts
combined grain & pulse seed drill machine, pneumatic seed drill machine, hydraulic lift trailed type offset goble disc-harrow, hoe machinery ( with spring type ), v type trailed & mounted offset disc-harrow, v type trailed & hydraulic goble disc-harrow, mounted type offset disc-harrow, x type mounted tandem disc-harrow, disc plough, chisel, roller ( big frame ), frenc type sobsoiler, roller ( small frame ), roller ( trailed & mounted ), vanvey ( mounted & double compensating wheel ), vanvey
Car, bus, minibus, tractor, trailer, heavy duty and military vehicle, aircraft tyres.
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tractor tyres, light truck tyres, implement tyres, industrial truck tyres, otr tyres, forklift tyres
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Spare parts for road tractors and trailers,Brake Master Cylinder, Hydraulic Clutch Unit, Wheel Brake Cyinder, Brake Chamber, Service Brake Chamber, Wastinghouse Sets, Other Productions, Spare Parts For Başak SH2073